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Roll Nos and Admit Cards of DAE for Ministerial Establishment in respect of all HPU conducted by Punjab University (UIAMS) held from 22.03.2018 to 26.03.2018    *|||*   Result DAE SO Part II January 2018    *|||*   Result DAE SO Part I January 2018    *|||*   Result of verification-Retotaling for DAE of Ministerial Establishment    *|||*   Result of verification-Retotaling for DAE of Engineering Officers and Subordinates    *|||*   Notification for conducting Departmental Accounts Examination for SO Part-I, SO Part-II and AO through UIAMS, Panjab University,Chandigarh    *|||*   Date Sheet of DAE for Ministerial establishment to be held from 22.03.2018 to 26.03.2018    *|||*   Roll Nos and Admit Cards issued vide Ch-16/HPTI-315/Exam dated 20.02.2018 for DAE of Engineering Officers & Subordinates to be conducted by Punjab University.    *|||*   Regarding equivalency of Technical Qualification awarded by Deemed University in distance Education Dode of the purpose of recruitment and promotion in Haryana Government    *|||*   Departmental Accounts Examination of Ministerial Establishment conducted by Panjab University    *|||*   Date Sheet of Departmental Accounts Examination for Engineering officers and Officials to be held from 24.02.2018 to 27.02.2018    *|||*   Result Ministerial Estt. Examination November 2017    *|||*   Result of Verification/re-totalling of Papers for Departmental Accounts Examination of SO Part-I & SO Part-II held from 14.09.2017-18.09.2017    *|||*   Result-Marks Statement of DAE for engineering officers and Subordinates (Oct. 2017)    *|||*   Notification for conduction of Departmental Accounts Examination for Engineering Officers and Subordinates to be conducted through Panjab University (UIAMS) Chandigarh


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Open Access Form

1. Name of Applicant 2. Date of Application received
3. Fresh /Renewal Application 4. Utility
5. Address for correspondence

6. Account No of Consumer Issued By DISCoM
7. Authorised Contact Person Name 8. Authorised Contact Person Designation
9. Correspondence Phone No 10. Correspondence Mobile No
11. Correspondence Email ID 12. Sanctioned Load in KW
13. Contract Demand in KVA 14. Peak Load Exemption allowed by DISCOM
15. Period of Open Access From To 16. Supply Voltage in KV
17. Category of Feeder (Independent/Mixed) 18. Quantum of power to be Purchased MW
19. Non-refundable Application fee 20. Name of Bank
23. Customer Category 24. Feeding Sub Station Name
It is hereby certified that:
a) All parties to the transaction shall abide by the provisions of the CERC interstate open Access Regulations, 2008 HERC intra state interstate open Access Regulations,2012 as amendment form time to time.
b) The applicant hereby agrees to keep HVPNL/DISCOM indemnified at all times and undertake to indemnify, defend and save HVPNL/DISCOM harmless from any and all damages, losses, claims and actions relating to injury to death of any person or damage to property demands, suits, recoveries,cost and expenses,court cost attorney fees and all other obligations by or third parties arising out of or resulting from the transactions under this approval.
c) It is hereby certified that the applicant unequivocally confirms to the terms and conditions and has fully understood the procedure issued by HVPNL for short term open access.
Authorized Signatory

Short Term Intra State Open Access Customer